Richard Ali

Green Party Policies Will Cause Chaos in the Countryside and Damage Conservation

The UK’s largest shooting organisation has warned that the policies contained in the Green Party manifesto would inflict severe damage to conservation while wiping £2 billion from the economy every year, saying the Greens’ election pledges have not been thought through

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BASC Wants YOU To Be A Shooting Ambassador!

Britain’s largest shooting organisation, the BASC, has designed a Shooting Toolkit to help shooters become good ambassadors for their sport. If you want to put forward a good argument for shooting and its benefits for the economy, environment and social well-being, it’s worth a look-in…

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Shooting boosts economy and wildlife

  Millions of airgun shooters have contributed to the £2 billion annual boost shooting brings to the British economy – and BASC has now called for shooting’s massive contribution to be recognised by policy makers and politicians. Richard Ali, BASC

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Rural affairs on the BBC

The BBC’s pledge to ‘improve its rural affairs coverage’ has been welcomed by the BASC. The BBC will appoint a senior editor, with responsibility for rural affairs, to identify three correspondents from regional and local newsrooms to provide more material

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