Benchrest shooting at long range w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan can’t resist a challenge, and has been explaining his love of benchrest shooting at long range and with less support than usual. Andy reckons his friend Paul Wray will be one to watch as this format of long-range

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The Airgun Show – night shooting farmyard rats in summer, PLUS the FX Radar Pocket Chronograph…

Night shooting for rats isn’t a typical summer pastime but Mat Manning has had a call from a farmer in need of some airgun pest control. It might not be prime season but Mat still manages to bag plenty of

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RWS Super Field: Pellet test

Mike Morton gets a feel for the RWS Super Field as he puts this versatile pellet to the test to see if it lives up to its excellent reputation. Mike Morton puts the RWS Super Field to the test The

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HW110 K Laminate: Gun review

The HW110 K Laminate has been reviewed recently by Airgun Shooter’s Mat Manning, so just how does it do when put to the test? How will the HW110 K Laminate do in Mat Manning’s test? Many shooters regard Weihrauch air rifles as

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The Airgun Show – sniper-cam squirrel hunt, PLUS how to improve your shooting during the lockdown

The Covid-19 restrictions are making it almost impossible for shooters hit the fields and woods with their airguns but we can help you get your hunting fix with a new film of Mat Manning targeting grey squirrels before the lockdown.

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Airgunning from home: How to make the best of lockdown

With ranges closed and travel restricted, Airgun Shooter’s editor, Mat Manning suggests ways for airgun shooters to pass the time and raise their game during lockdown. From testing new pellets to tidying your kitbag, there is plenty to keep an

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Gamo Boxer: Gun test

Mike Morton puts the Gamo Boxer through its paces to discover whether this budget bullpup can deliver a knockout in the hunting field. Bullpups have been around for a good many years, and while some airgun shooters initially branded them

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Gamo GX-40: Gun test

Mike Morton tests the Gamo GX-40, a multi-shot PCP that retails for less than £380, to find out if accuracy and handling really do come at a cost. Mike Morton tests out the affordable Gamo GX-40 Most airgun shooters are

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Airgun addict: Derek Rouse

Derek has a lifelong love of all things airgun, but isn’t one to follow trends and is as likely to shoot .22 as well as .177 nowadays. Darek Rouse has been an airgun addict for 50 years How long have

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Outdoor shooting: Andy McLachlan explains the attraction

Whether you’re a hunter, an HFT or an FT, the attraction of outdoor shooting can prove irresistible, as Andy McLachlan explains. Unlike HFT, FT shooters can use their side parallax control to rangefind a target Regular readers may remember my

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