Q&A: How to value your airguns

Jonathan Young talks you through airgun valuation and how to ensure you don’t sell your guns for less than they’re worth

Rust and rarity, collectability and condition all play a part when you are trying to buy or sell an older airgun

Q. I have been thinking of selling some of my airguns. I never use them and I think they are more for the collector. How do I know what to sell them for?

A. Airgun valuation is very subjective. Condition plays a part, but a very rusty gun – if rare – will still sell. Ask yourself whether your guns are common or are rarely seen. A rough Meteor is not going to be the same as one boxed and unused – nor, indeed, a scarce smoothbore ‘SB’-stamped Meteor in poor condition.

Sources for info and prices can be local gun shops, which may be selling similar airguns, magazine adverts, the internet and auction listings. These will all give you some idea of what a particular airgun is on sale for – and what people are paying for it.

But do be cautious with online sources, as prices can be all over the place – both up and down. I remember trying to buy a rare airgun online in a chatroom, which resulted in a long wait while the owner had to go and ask his mates first for a suitable price. The eye-watering sum finally suggested was declined. An identical gun in better condition was later found offline for exactly half that amount. Likewise, some decent items can appear to go for very little when compared with those in the real world.

Auction listings with prices realised do show what things can fetch, but this might just be the price dealers will be willing to pay. Remember: they then sell on for profit from that price whether from you over the counter or from another auction. Do your homework, then settle on a price that you feel happy with. Finally, consider a swap for an airgun – it’s far less stressful and much faster!

This article originally appeared in the issue 109 of Airgun Shooter magazine. For more great content like this, subscribe today at our secure online store: www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

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One comment on “Q&A: How to value your airguns
  1. neil edwards says:

    In my view the air gun market is really un-fair to the customer , you can use your hard earned cash and pay out example , £ 380 for a rifle you take it back a bit later to trade it in for another rifle , now the gun shop only wants to give you £130 for it , yet they will put it up for re-sale in the shop for £ 300 .
    one other point , you will most of the time see rifles advertised in air gun magazines for well over the real-cost of the rifle , when purchased at the shop.
    it appears to me , that you are backing a loser my purchasing brand new rifle which way any way , and when it comes to collect a bile rifles its a doggy market and some rifles are over priced and most of the real collectors have gone to the wall .

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