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Staying at home doesn’t mean an end to your shooting as long as you have access to a garden, so Mike Morton explains how to stay safe and have fun, sharing some practical pointers about pellet-catchers, backstops, your neighbours and the law.

Anyone tasked with the control of grey squirrels will know that it’s a year-round job – take the pressure of these invasive rodents and their numbers will soon bounce back. With this in mind, Mat Manning has been staking out feeding stations to get the drop on the bushy-tails.

Mat’s also been taking a close look at the Sniper XR from Brocock, which has a sidelever instead of the company’s more usual bolt-action system. The new lever should make cocking and cycling the action even faster, so find out how Mat got on with this new rifle.

BASC and a number of other countryside organisations have committed to phasing out lead shot from shotgun cartridges within five years, and lead airgun ammo could one day follow suit, so Richard Saunders has got ahead of the game and gone green, testing a comprehensive selection of lead-free pellets and slugs.

Mike’s been testing ammo too, although this time it’s very much a regular lead pellet – the Premium Round from Brazilian ammo manufacturer Rifle. He also gets his hands on the Webley Raider Classic, a gentle reminder that amid all the popular black rifles and bullpups, the making of a traditional sporter is far from being a lost art.

And he’s been shooting the Walther CP88 Competition – a CO2-powered pellet-firing pistol that has a longer barrel than the standard CP88, which should provide a modest increase in velocity and accuracy, and is a bit of a looker, especially the nickel finish variant that he’s been testing.

A trigger is so important to how a rifle performs. A bad trigger can make even an excellent gun a pig to shoot, even one fitted with a match trigger if it has not been adjusted correctly, so Andy McLachlan explains what to look out for.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about shimming scope mounts and what makes an airgun a true classic.

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