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At your service

Mike Morton goes on a servicing and repair course to find out how the engineers who work on your PCPs get trained Any airgun shooters of a practical nature will be able to tear apart a springer themselves, but the

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Rekindle the spark

If you have a rifle that’s sitting all alone at the back of your gun cabinet, then Mike Morton reckons it’s high time you learned to love again Getting a new airgun can be a bit like starting a new

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Airgun Shooter 126 is on sale NOW

It’s time to order your copy of the brand-new issue of Airgun Shooter available from today, so what are you waiting for? Woodpigeons are causing massive amounts of damage to arable crops at this time of year, so this issue’s

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Gun test: Webley Mark VI Service Revolver

Mike Morton tests the pellet-firing Webley Mark VI Service Revolver Exhibition Finish – it’s more bling than battlefield, but still shoots straight! One of the finest handguns ever carried by British and Commonwealth forces was the Webley Service Revolver, which

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First Impressions: GunPower HellCat

Mike Morton grabs hold of the GunPower HellCat, a rifle that’s light enough to be carried to hell and back – or at least around the hunting field. There are times when shooting from a hide or setting up an

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Airgun 125 is out NOW

Rat numbers have boomed on one of the farms where Mat Manning shoots, attracted by an abundance of easy food and plenty of snug places to nest. The cocky rodents are even venturing out in daylight, so Mat sets up

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Dope for your scope!

Mike Morton offers a few practical tips to help newcomers work out exactly where to aim their rifle – regardless of the distance to the target. Couldn’t it be great if we could zero a rifle, then just pick it

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Mike Morton’s top tips (10-1)

Welcome to the final countdown of Mike Morton’s top tips on all things airguns. 10. Use sticks Shooting sticks offer great extra support where no natural features like a gate, tree or fence post are available. But sticks aren’t just

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Mike Morton’s top tips (20-11)

Welcome to the third of our weekly list of airgun top tips running throughout July! This week, Mike Morton is sharing 20-11 of our key tips month, with tricks and techniques to help raise your game and be top of

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Mike Morton tests the Weihrauch HW 77K

Mike Morton casts his eye over the latest laminate variant of the Weihrauch HW 77K – who’d have thought wood could look this good? Ask a shooter to think of an airgun that comes with open sights, and most will

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