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Lee Enfield (Guns) M1911 A1 handgun review w/ Mike Morton

The Brothers in Arms series of replica combat weapons from Lee Enfield (Guns) gets its first handgun in the shape of the blowback M1911 A1 The water-cooled M1917 machine gun in .30 calibre. The air-cooled M1919. The Browning M2 .50

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MTC 3-12×44 Copperhead telescopic sight review with Mike Morton

MTC has gone small with its new Copperhead 3-12×44 telescopic sight, but Mike Morton wants to know if it’s gone large on performance MTC Optics names its telescopic sights after various snakes, and after bringing out some larger models last

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Airgun springer advice and more in the latest Airgun Answers

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to a nagging problem or simply want advice on your next piece of gear, email us at airgunshooter@futurenet.com: one of our experts will soon get you on the right track! Meet your team

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Wasp .22 pellet test with Mike Morton

Wasp pellets are back, so Mike Morton cracks open a tin of the No.3 variety in .22 calibre to find out how well they can swat a target While a few airgun ammo stalwarts have been in constant production, others

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Lee-Enfield M4A1 Carbine review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton goes into action with the CO2-powered, BB-blasting, US military-themed M4A1 Carbine from Lee-Enfield Guns. While some CO2 guns are totally original designs, others are inspired by powder-burning firearms, with the Brothers In Arms series of historical replicas from

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Top tips for setting up your first air rifle

Gun care and general set-up begins as soon as you take charge of your new rifle, and Mike Morton offers 10 tips to give newcomers a head start. Amid the excitement of setting up a new air rifle, some aspects

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QYS Domed 9.56gr pellet test with Mike Morton

QYS’s Domed pellet is joined by a heavier sibling, and Mike Morton finds out whether a little extra weight will make it great Finding the right pellet can be a little intimidating for the new shooter, with brand, type and

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Immersive Optics 10×40 MD review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton gets immersed in the world of lightweight, short eye relief sights as he tests the new 10×40 prismatic model from Immersive Optics. Are you the sort of shooter who appreciates the benefits technology has to offer, but likes

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A guide to air rifle bipods

When buying a bipod it’s important to get one with all the features you need, so Mike Morton explains how to choose one that’ll be perfect for you A bipod is a fantastic piece of equipment. Early examples of two-legged

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Gamo Whisper X Swarm review with Mike Morton

If you’re looking for some fast-fire action but need to be careful with your cash, Mike Morton reckons the Gamo Whisper X Swarm is well worth a look While it’s possible to spend a small fortune on airgun shooting, our

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