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Servicing airgun springers – Mike Morton works on his gun club’s collection

Mike Morton services his gun club’s springer collection, starting with an HW97 called rifle A5 – will he be able to make Number Five come alive? Airgun shooters wanting to join a club have a pretty wide choice these days,

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Airgun shooting tips – learning from the past

Soldiers carrying the Lee-Enfield had a thorough Small Arms Training regime, and Mike Morton finds out if modern airgun shooters can pick up any tips. History, as I was told at school, isn’t just a record of what once happened.

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Stoeger XM1 Multi-Shot PCP review w/ Mike Morton

Are you looking for function or form when you buy a rifle? With the Stoeger XM1 multi-shot PCP, Mike Morton believes you can have both. Just a few years ago it seemed that anyone wanting to get into recoilless shooting

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Buying your first PCP rifle – what to expect

If you’re thinking of buying your first PCP rifle, Mike Morton runs through some of the things you can expect to find in the box – and some you won’t. We’re all more than well aware that last year wasn’t

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Short or zero eye relief scopes w/ Mike Morton

Short or zero eye relief scopes deliver a different experience to a conventional optic, so Mike Morton finds out what they have to offer. It was a daytime shoot around the farm, and while the intended quarry had been feral

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Pro Hunter Premium High Impact .22 review

Hunters with sub-12 foot pound rifles no longer need to feel left out when it comes to slugs thanks to Pro Hunter’s new .22, as Mike Morton finds out. The last 18 months or so have seen an upsurge in

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Airgun Shooter 150 on sale NOW

Mat Manning tests out the latest FX Impact and goes out on a summer evening in search of rabbits while Mike Morton opens the history books and tests out a brand new PCP in the 150th edition of Airgun Shooter

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Buying your first airgun – Mike Morton advises on getting value for money

If you’re thinking of buying your first airgun, Mike Morton offers some tips so you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Over the last few months we’ve witnessed a massive surge in the number of

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Predator polymag shorts .22 review with Mike Morton

Predator makes some bold claims about Polymag Shorts, so Mike Morton puts them to the test in not one, but two different .22 calibre hunting rifles I don’t hunt a great deal these days, but when I do I always

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Hatsan SpeedFire review – Mike Morton puts latest break-barrel to the test

If you want a break-barrel but think the firing cycle isn’t speedy enough, then Mike Morton reckons the Hatsan SpeedFire might be the answer. Despite the obvious advantages of a magazine, multi-shot, piston-powered air rifles have not been particularly forthcoming.

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