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The Airgun Show – chicken farm ratting, PLUS the Weihrauch HW110 Laminate on test…

The rat rampage continues and this week we join Richard Saunders targeting an infestation on a poultry farm. The nocturnal pests have developed a taste for chicken feed so Richard lays out some free offerings and uses night vision gear

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Crow control: The Countryman

Mat Manning has a hoot using an owl decoy and a bouncer during a crow control session on the farm. The Quarry: Carrion Crow Crow control is essential during spring Pest status: A major problem for farmers, especially in the

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The Airgun Show – Night vision rat hunt, PLUS the Brocock Sniper XR on test…

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Airgun Show! A mild winter and heavy rainfall have caused plagues of rats on the farms where Mat shoots, and he’s back in action on the scaly-tails in this week’s show. Get ready

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Airgun Shooter Magazine 133 is out NOW

We’ve got an optics special for you in the latest Airgun Shooter, focusing not just on scopes, but binoculars too. Telescopic sights offer a bewildering array of features, so Mike Morton goes back to basics to make sense of what’s

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Grey Squirrel hunt: The Countryman

In this month’s Countryman with Mat Manning, he’s hunting for grey squirrels. The grey squirrel is a constant problem in British woodland. Ever since its introduction to our shores, this invasive rodent has caused widespread damage to trees and has

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Airgun Shooter 132 is out NOW!

To subscribe for your copy today, just follow this link: Most gunmakers have at least one bullpup in their line-up, but Russian firm Ataman has taken the concept one step further in creating the BP17 Micro Bullpup, which has

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Winter squirrel hunting in this week’s Airgun Show

We join Mat Manning as he hunts grey squirrels on a farm where shooters can stay for an airgun holiday. Presented with unfamiliar ground, Mat offers some tips on how to maximise your chances when getting to grips with a

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The Airgun Show – hectic night vision rat hunt, PLUS slug shooting test with FX Impact MKII…

Cold, wet weather has pushed more rats onto the farm, and Mat Manning is using night vision gear to bring them to book. The action takes a while to warm up but the scavenging rodents eventually emerge to feed and

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Gun test: Budget busting starter kit

Mat Manning tests the Rabbit Sniper MkII package from Pellpax – an affordable springer combo that boasts an impressive array of extras. Bargain-priced package deals are a great way to get into airgun shooting, and Pellpax has a reputation for

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Cold weather squirrel control

Mat Manning heads out for a morning in the freezing woods to target greedy bushy-tails as they home in on the pheasant feeders. Cold weather and short days can make the prospect of spending a day in winter woodland seem

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