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Controlling corvids ahead of the lambing season

We go back to February as Mat Manning puts in a late shift to crack down on scavenging corvids ahead of the lambing season. Hunting trips don’t get much more exciting than an evening targeting crows at the roost. Waiting

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Daystate Delta Wolf .177 review w/ Mat Manning

After cutting his teeth on the high-power Delta Wolf, Mat Manning gets to grips with Daystate’s new flagship in sub-12 guise. The launch of the Daystate Delta Wolf was without doubt one of the biggest events in the 2020 airgun

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Decoy pigeon patterns with Mat Manning

Movement is one of the prime factors in persuading pest birds to approach a decoy pattern, as Mat Manning proves when he tries out a new flapper on a challenging day. Full-body Enforcer decoys were initially used to create the

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Night vision rat hunting – The Countryman

Were looking back to midwinter when Mat Manning set himself up with night vision and put in a late shift in an attempt to hold back the winter influx of rats. Cold weather is setting in and rats are becoming

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Pard NV008P LRF review with Mat Manning

Mat Manning eyes up the Pard NV008P LRF; a compact digital day and night scope that that’s big on features and value. Modern night vision equipment has had a huge impact on after-dark pest control over recent years, enabling hunters

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The Airgun Show – ratting with the Daystate Delta Wolf, PLUS Element Optics Helix scope on test…

Faced with a massive infestation of rats, Richard Saunders has set up his Daystate Delta Wolf with night vision gear and is heading out for some after-dark pest control. Watch the full show here: The action comes thick and fast,

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Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate review w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning puts the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate through its paces and concludes that a spring-powered airgun doesn’t have to be a compromise. How will the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate do on test? The Weihrauch HW98 Grey laminate is shortlisted

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The Airgun Show – the new Brocock Safari XR, PLUS beat lockdown with the Hills compressor…

The Safari XR is the latest offering from British gunmaker Brocock, and Mat Manning is taking it out on this week’s episode of The Airgun Show. Apart from the awesome XR sidelever system and Huma regulated action, this air rifle

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Targeting pigeons at the roost – the countryman w/ Mat Manning

Winter has long been the traditional season for targeting pigeons as they flight in to roost, and Mat Manning reckons an airgun is the perfect tool for the job. Roost shooting is a wonderful way to target woodpigeons during the

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The Airgun Show – rat shooting with hollow-point ammo, PLUS how to make your airgun more accurate…

This week on The Airgun Show, we join Mat Manning on a night-time rat hunt and he’s making a change from his usual ammo choice. Although he is usually an advocate of domed pellets for all forms of airgun hunting,

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