Innovative invitational

The winners are clutching their prizes – but everyone’s smiling following a contest that brought three clubs closer together

Caterham & District plays host to two neighbouring clubs for a Saturday benchrest invitational.

The air rifle section of Caterham & District Rifle Club has held an inter-club benchrest contest to have fun, win prizes and raise money for Help for Heroes.

Competitors from Caterham, Gally Hill and Addiscombe took up the challenge of a simple benchrest-style shoot over 25 yards, with two cards being shot and scored in the shoot supported by BSA Guns, BASC and Airgun Shooter.

On arrival, they were greeted with a buffet and refreshments, plus a raffle to win a multitool donated by BASC in aid of Help for Heroes, which raised £62 and was won by William Wallace of Caterham. Air rifle captain Philip Creese explained: “We had a full gun rack with a variety of air rifles and scopes of various makes and designs.

C&DRC has four indoor firing points, all of which were in use on the day, with two cards being shot by each competitor

“Everyone then was given time to check zero and familiarise themselves with the distance and the targets. Our visitors were quite surprised, commenting on how compact the club and range is, and how the space is utilised – hence why we are known as ‘England’s best little rifle club’, as well as being a friendly bunch who always welcome new members!

“After practising, we started to roll everyone through the competition four at a time, with each competitor shooting twice, scored by Steve Buck and Chris Edwards – who was the main instigator for the competition while I ran the range.”

First place went to Stephen Hopkins of Gally Hill, who won a BSA bag and an Airgun Shooter subscription. He told us: “The competition was challenging, as there were quite a few competitors there from three different shooting clubs.

“I have enjoyed air rifle shooting for many years, and it was rewarding to have won first place. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming, and it was great to chat and discuss all things airguns!”

Bradley King of Caterham, who came second to take a BSA Essential scope and a subscription, said: “It really was a fun, friendly competition with plenty of entertaining banter.

“It was good to see a real mix of different rifles, including custom field target rifles, a bullpup, and even guns like mine that may have been older than the junior competitors!”

The club has been going for well over a century, and has established a reputation for good hospitality, as well as good shooting

Third place was taken by Ian Ward of Addiscombe, who won a resettable knockdown target and a free subscription. Aaron Walllace and Leo Cork , two junior shooters from Caterham, also took part, with Leo winning a prize too.

Philip added: “After the presentations and photographs, the overall positive dialogue from everyone who attended was that we must do this again, putting an invite out and setting a date to shoot at each others’ clubs. This competition was what we needed to meet other air rifle shooters and do something different.

“As I have always said, join a club and you can’t go wrong. You won’t want to go shopping on a Saturday if you have an airgun club near you!”

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