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Save £100 on the Omega line of personal electric air compressors with GDL at the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate

The AC1-a is the new name for the latest version of Omega’s price beating, electric powered compressor

GDL, which sells the Omega line of personal electric air compressors, will be offering a very special deal to visitors at the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate. The company is taking £100 off the popular 300bar AirCharger. It’ll be available for just £1,199 incl vat. for the duration of the show, instead of the regular price of £1,299.

The AirCharger is the quiet, reliable workhorse of the Omega Compressor line, and comes with an auto shut-off system, a 4500psi/300bar max fill pressure and a new, larger piston which produces more air more quickly, which speeds up fill times. Everything you need to start producing air (apart from tap water for the cooling system) is in the box. It also features a new, simple, grease injection system, a maintenance kit, a manual moisture release, and it weighs in at around 27kg.

The Omega AirCharger comes with a basic maintenance kit

You’ll find Omega Compressors at the Tesro stand, where you can see one up close, and order your own personal air compressor. There’s never been a better time to do your own thing, and give up traipsing off to the dive shop to fill your bottles and rifles.

You can see GDL’s air compressors here and contact them at info@gilbertdistribution.co.uk

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