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Mike Okell started shooting at the age of 12 — and now has his dream job running his own gun shop in Wrexham

How did you get started and why?

My Dad started selling air rifles. We were running another business and noticed the demand was high, as there wasn’t another seller in Wrexham, so we opened a dedicated shop, which I now run with my sister Sarah.

Did you shoot before opening the shop?

I’ve always shot and had a gun since the age of 12 when my Dad bought me a BSA Supersport. I also used to shoot at school and university. These days, I’m usually out with my trusty Air Arms S410 FAC for rabbits and squirrels.  Sarah shoots mostly targets, or plinks with her teenage sons.

What trends are you currently seeing?

I’m noticing in air rifles that it’s either the high-end expensive air rifle or the cheaper packages that are selling – the middle of the road is stagnant. Bullpup-type air rifles are still proving quite popular. The air pistols that are flying off the shelves are the Glocks and the SIG Sauers.

What advice do you give customers buying their first air rifle?

The best bit of advice about buying any gun is to find one that is comfortable to you. Everybody is different, and there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of guns out there. 

What suits one person might not be good for you, so pick up a few and see what is comfortable for you. You will shoot better if the gun fits.

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