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Ten years ago the company began as Just BB Guns – we talk to director Mark Watts about the move to incorporate airguns as well

How did you get started and why?

Just Air Guns was a natural progression from our main business. Just BB Guns is now over 10 years old, and many of our customers who were airsoft plinkers wanted to follow the more powerful and considerably more accurate airgun approach to shooting. 

What trends are you seeing in the airgun market?

More tactical-looking guns with magazines and less demand for single load and shoot rifles and pistols. Dual calibre pistols are also very big right now, with replicas from Glock and Colt. Also rifle sets from most of the big brands that save the customer cash.

Where does your own passion come from?

From a very early age I was gun mad. My father had a very old and very small wood stock break-barrel rifle that myself and my brothers had fun with target shooting in the garden. As a teenager I had an air rifle, then got hooked into airsoft and played at many skirmish sites around Berkshire. 

What piece of advice do you give customers before buying their first rifle?

We always ask what they are intending to shoot, i.e. targets, cans, vermin and so on. This then gives us an idea of the calibre they need and the correct scope, then we will give options.

We also see the need to protect our industry and will always run through safety rules and stress why they must be followed. If they are planning on shooting vermin we point them to information about what they can and can’t shoot.

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