Q&A: How to fit BKL mounts

BKL Technologies scope mounts not like the ones you are used to? Mike Morton gives you the low-down…

BKL Technologies makes scope mounts that fit both 11mm and 3/8in dovetails

Q. I’ve been given a set of BKL mounts, but they’re not like the mounts I’m used to. How do I fit them?

A. US firm BKL Technologies makes scope mounts that fit both 11mm and 3/8in dovetails; but while most mount systems feature three-part mounts – consisting of an upper ring, an integral lower ring/mount and a separate clamp – the BKL system uses only two parts.

Here, the lowers do away with the separate clamp, being made of a solid piece of aluminium. The supposed advantage of this is to let the lowers self-align on the dovetail rail. This is the BKL system’s biggest strength – but also its biggest potential weakness. The mounts, once fitted to the rail, are tightened as normal using the supplied screws and 1/8in Allen key. However, it’s the installation that can leave people scratching their heads.

Even with the tightening screw removed, the mounts are usually too tight to fit on a standard dovetail, especially if they’re brand-new – although second-hand ones do open up somewhat. Instead, you have to insert the screw into a separate hole on the opposite side of each mount. This time, instead of tightening the clamp, you’ll be forcing it apart so it can be easily fitted to your rail. Once in position, remove the screw and insert it in its original hole then tighten as normal. Failure to do this can lead to at best a scratched rail or even a damaged one if you try to force on the mounts before they have been properly spread apart. The BKL system does work, though – if it’s used correctly.

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