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Roost shooting is a wonderful way to target woodpigeons during the colder months. It doesn’t require any of the cumbersome gear necessitated by decoying, yet can still yield some impressive bags, and Mat Manning’s been taking advantage of the wintry weather to protect a farmer’s crop – and end up with some great-tasting meat for the table as well.

The squirrels on one of Rich Saunders’s woodland permissions have been having a whale of a time, stripping bark, killing young trees and scarring the wood. Their behaviour has been costing the owners many thousands of pounds, but enough’s enough, so Rich shoulders his air rifle and makes them see the error of their ways.

Anyone who manages to acquire a permission from a farmer will no doubt be expecting to shoot in and around the farm buildings, but for many shooters this is simply not the case, and as Pete Brookes explains, you’ll have to prove yourself to be a safe and responsible shooter before being allowed anywhere near expensive machinery, livestock or farm workers.

Shawn Minchin has a problem with one of his favourite air rifles, and while it’s a quick fix it’s also a good excuse to add another gun to his armoury. Shawn purchased this “new” rifle second-hand from an internet forum, and explains what he looks for not just in the rifle, but in the seller too whenever he picks up a gun this way.

Mention the word “laser” and many people will think of fighting Martians with ray guns or trying to cut James Bond in half. But lasers are very much a part of our present, not our future, and Mike Morton reckons they can be a valuable tool for the airgun shooter, so he explains how to set up a laser to use as a rangefinder, a simple aiming device and as a boresighter.

Mike’s also been having a blast from the past by shooting the WWII-themed Walther P38 from Umarex. He finds it nicely made, having a neutral point of balance, and is a joy to shoot, making it one of his favourite historic CO2 replicas.

Modern night vision equipment has had a huge impact on after-dark pest control over recent years, enabling hunters to pick off unsuspecting critters from the cover of absolute darkness, so Mat’s been eyeing up the Pard NV008P LRF, a compact digital day and night scope that’s big on features and value.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your shooting-related queries, this time looking at older airgun slugs, rail-mounted optics and how to set up a thermal scope with the help of some life-sized toy rats.

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