Nighttime ratting: The Countryman

Mat Manning heads out for some nighttime ratting in a pheasant pen where rats have homed in on the gamebirds’ feed. The Quarry: Brown Rat Credit: anemoneprojectors Pest status This rodent spreads disease by toileting around stored crops, animal feed

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Airgun addict: Derek Rouse

Derek has a lifelong love of all things airgun, but isn’t one to follow trends and is as likely to shoot .22 as well as .177 nowadays. Darek Rouse has been an airgun addict for 50 years How long have

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Best Airgun Shooter fan letters

These are the best fan letters we received in last month’s Airgun Shooter Magazine! And don’t forget – the best letter wins a pair of Sportsmatch mounts! Letter of the month CAMO FOR THE FIELD, NOT THE ROAD As we

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Reaping the rewards of failure

Philip Siddell takes an analytical approach to his shooting and explains how applying a simple feedback cycle can turn a miss into a hit. I hate to miss a shot. It bothers me far more than it should. There is

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The Airgun Show – pigeon, jackdaw and rabbit hunt, PLUS the Pellpax Crowbuster spring gun combo

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and a mixed bag is on the cards. He starts on a farmyard shoot where pigeons are targeting cereal crops and jackdaws are raiding animal feed, and then moves on to a grassland

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Richard Saunders’ rat pack crackdown

Primos Trigger Sticks offer a stable platform for standing shots and can be made shorter for sitting or kneeling shots too Richard Saunders and friends crack down on some farmyard rodents. Although I shoot throughout the winter, it’s a huge

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Airgun answers

Our experts have your questions in their sights! Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at the right place to discover remedies for your airgun  anxieties! Whether you’re looking for a quick

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Richard Saunders’ golf course permission

Richard Saunders ventures onto his golf course permission – with mixed results. Everything happened so easily. I play darts for my village pub. We were having, well, let’s call it a practice session, and I found myself chatting to a

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Restorations with Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young takes on a tricky restoration project to bring an airgun back from the edge – the edge of reason! Getting out and about looking for a new permission is all part of airgunning. Back garden shooting is great,

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Shooting Organisation

Thanks to modern technology, the airgunner has a lot of tools at his fingertips to help secure and maintain shooting permission. Ian Barnett offers advice on how to seek, hold and gain hunting rights in your area…

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