The barn door!

Lapsed shooter Jim Old gets back into airgun shooting and wonders whether he can even hit a barn door after years away from the sport “How long have you been shooting?” It was a straightforward question and should have been

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In position w/ Andy McLachlan

If you consider positional shots to be an imposition, Andy McLachlan offers a few pointers to help turn things around Sally has her head correctly positioned because the open sights reduce the need for her to lift her head to

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Airgun Shooter 126 is on sale NOW

It’s time to order your copy of the brand-new issue of Airgun Shooter available from today, so what are you waiting for? Woodpigeons are causing massive amounts of damage to arable crops at this time of year, so this issue’s

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Gun test: Umarex Glock 19X

Umarex is on a mission to put a Glock in as many shooters’ hands as possible – and Mike Morton finds himself grabbing hold of the 19X Austrian gunmaker Glock is known around the world for its series of polymer-framed,

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Mike Morton tests the Weihrauch HW 77K

Mike Morton casts his eye over the latest laminate variant of the Weihrauch HW 77K – who’d have thought wood could look this good? Ask a shooter to think of an airgun that comes with open sights, and most will

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Dispelling American airgun myths!

American shooter John Hooper dispels the myth that his countrymen all spend thousands on their guns – and offers some budget ‘stalking’ tips too. In today’s new world of airguns, there is a plethora (a highbrow word for bunches and

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Taking up HFT with existing kit

An image from several years ago shows Michelle Pullen using a targetised version of the Air Arms S400 Andy McLachlan persuades airgun shooters to take up HFT using their existing kit – without the need to take out a second

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Roger Lait shares his secrets on training

Roger Lait shares a few secrets about his training regime as he prepares for the WHFTO World Championships in Poland. Who wants to be a world champion? How do you go about being one? Is there a quick way to

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Andy McLachlan on barrel cleaning

Andy’s cleaning regime involves the Napier cleaning kit, used in conjunction with Lubro Teknik LT1 pellet lubricant If you think barrel cleaning is a bit of a bore, Andy McLachlan’s here to sing the praises of the pull-through. Cleaning a

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Gun collecting with Jonathan Young

So you want to be a collector? You’re suddenly overcome by an urge to buy more airguns. There’s nothing wrong with that, argues Jonathan Young as he leads you down the rabbit hole of gun collecting. Waking up on any given

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