Airgun Shooter issue 120 is on sale now!

Mat Manning hunts over both pasture and woodland using stalking and ambush tactics as he goes in pursuit of some rabbits and woodpigeons to make a tasty mixed bag for the pot.

Roost shooting can be a very effective way to cull crafty corvids – and Kev Hawker puts in a late shift in an effort to reduce the numbers of these nest-robbing birds.

Many shooters can’t resist the urge to tinker, tweak or modify their airguns, and Mike Morton runs through the pros and cons of the parts he’s changed and modifications he’s made to some of the rifles in his own collection.

Andy McLachlan tackles the airgun shooter’s nemesis – the wind – and offers a few pointers to help ensure those pellets fly true. Andy also talks about the many benefits shooters enjoy when they belong to an indoor target club.

Mike checks out the BSA R-10 SE Super Carbine to discover whether this refined little rifle offers the shooter both function and form, Mat gets to grips with the Norica Storm X – a budget-busting break-barrel that boasts a host of handy extras, while Richard Saunders takes a look four top break-barrel and underlever spring rifles and gives them the (piston) seal of approval.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about alternatives to gun oil, hearing protection and the best way to make fidgety rats hold still.

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