The Airgun Show – day and night hunting for crows and rabbits, PLUS Pellpax HW110 kit on test…

We join Richard Saunders on a farm where corvids and rabbits are causing problems. Although there’s a chance of bagging a crow or two by daylight, the bunnies are proving wary and it takes a nocturnal approach to bring them

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Rabbiting by Lamplight: The Countryman

Mat Manning sets up with a scope-mounted flashlight and heads out into the night for some traditional rabbit lamping The ground I’m shooting over tonight is a mixed farm comprising several hundred acres of cattle grazing, cereal crops and pony

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#TASFromTheArchives: hunting for rabbits, pigeons and squirrels, PLUS the BSA R-10 Mk2 on test

In this week’s edition of The Airgun Show: From the Archives, Mat Manning is on farmland and in the woods taking care of some pests… Mat is hunting on farmland and in the woods as he tries to make a

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Richard Saunders on bipods

Lie down and relax as Richard Saunders takes advantage of the warmer weather to get down and super-stable with the help of a few bipods It’s that time of year again. No more shivering away in the corner of a

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The Airgun Show: From The Archives – Summer rabbit hunt

In our second episode of From The Archives, we’re taking you back four years ago this week! This time it’s rabbits in our sights, and Mat Manning is out on the hunt with the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter and a

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The Countryman with Mat Manning

Mat Manning sets up a stakeout to bring the bunnies back under control after their springtime breeding boom. The late spring and early summer months are peak breeding season for rabbits, which means you’ll often see a distinct spike in

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Airgun insider

Is patience really a virtue? This time we’re asking: When out with a new hunter, what’s the hardest thing to teach them? I have introduced a number of friends and clubmates to the great pastime of hunting rabbits. Most are

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Richard Saunders’ golf course permission

Richard Saunders ventures onto his golf course permission – with mixed results. Everything happened so easily. I play darts for my village pub. We were having, well, let’s call it a practice session, and I found myself chatting to a

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Airgun Shooter issue 120 is on sale now!

Mat Manning hunts over both pasture and woodland using stalking and ambush tactics as he goes in pursuit of some rabbits and woodpigeons to make a tasty mixed bag for the pot. Roost shooting can be a very effective way

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Roving rabbit shoot

With rabbit numbers on the rise after a successful breeding season, Mat Manning heads out on a stalking session with coneys in his sights

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