Win over winter with this month’s Airgun Shooter magazine!

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter magazine is out now and have we got a corker of an issue for you!

Cold weather can discourage fainthearted hunters from venturing out in the winter, but they’re missing out on some great sport. Mat Manning’s been wrapping up warm and heading to the woods in search of some hot action with the woodpigeon and carrion crow – two wily avian pests.

You don’t have to have the latest night vision technology to enjoy some serious after-dark hunting action, so Mat’s been out on a second hunting assignment, this time after rats, to make the case for traditional lamping gear.

An ethical hunter has one thing in mind when they take a shot – the need to ensure a swift, humane kill. A couple of factors come into play here, the first being shot placement, but then there’s the effect of the pellet on the quarry animal. To find out just how much pellet shape and calibre matter when it comes to a clean kill, Mike Morton’s been spending time in the kitchen to cook up a batch of ballistic gel.

Mike’s also been shooting the Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 – an all-black CO2-powered revolver that shoots pellets rather than BBs, and has been testing Discovery’s new ED 4-16×50 SF first focal plane scope and Predator Polymag Shorts hunting pellets in .177 calibre.

Built for function over fashion, the Brocock Commander is a solid option for shooters who want a gun that can cope with a bit of stick. But, as Mat’s been finding out, this tactically styled PCP also boasts a surprising level of refinement.

While we all appreciate some frantic fast-fire fun from time to time, Richard Saunders has been seeking out some some peace and quiet as he puts a selection of moderators through their paces to see whether silence(r) really is golden.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about adjusting a stock, lubing a pistol, finding out about early optics and barrel-tuning a CO2 gun.

If that’s not enough, we’ve also got a chronograph worth £119 up for grabs. So, what you waiting for? Get yours here today!

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