Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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Best airgun accessories – high-end options

Andy McLachlan’s spent a small fortune on new guns, but he goes for even more retail therapy when he sees some tasty high-end accessories. Like most of us, I enjoy the occasion of buying a new gun. Following a lot

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The benefits of a tailored airgun stock

Target shooter Thomas Bristow explains how a tailored stock and hamster will let a competitor get the best performance out of their rifle. These four rifles may all be very different, but still have one thing in common – the

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Airgun springer advice w/ John Hooper

John Hooper lands himself two rather nice springers, but reckons shooters starting out are actually better off buying a bargain basement boinger. The last couple of months have brought some pretty big changes in my life. I have finally made

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Lincs Hunter FT Club – Thomas Bristow pays a visit

Thomas Bristow checks out Lincs Hunter FT Club where the course-setters have been working very hard to test his skills to the limit. The club, which is based in Waddington on the outskirts of Lincoln, is known for its sometimes

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Corvid control w/ Rich Saunders

Rich Saunders is invited to help bring a corvid invasion under control, but the target-rich environment proves trickier than he expected. My heart sinks when the owner of one of my permissions tells me he’s “‘overrun” or “infested” with pests, because

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Airgun springer: top tips to improve accuracy

Airgun springers can be challenging to shoot, but these tips will help you get on target Choose the right airgun springer for you It’s great to find a rifle you like the look of, but it’s even more important to

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How to make a solid support for benchrest airgun shooting

Andy McLachlan runs through his options when it comes to shake-free shooting, and ends up using a high-end bipod for extra support. Here’s an example of a cheaper imitation Atlas bipod that’s been modified by Jim Edge to make it

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Buying your first airgun – Andy McLachlan on the first steps

Andy McLachlan coaches the newcomer through the first steps of airgun ownership, with the promise that good techniques will be rewarded. Air rifles can be works of art, like this HW95 Special Edition belonging to Andy’s friend Ian Jones, but

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Dependable airguns w/ Pete Brookes

What do the infantryman, armed response officer and airgun shooter have in common? A dependable gun that works well, argues Pete Brookes. Credit: David Jinks Despite having worked around firearms for most of my working life, I must come clean.

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