Jonathan Young

Restoring vintage airguns with Jonathon Young

Gems were once the underdog of the vintage airgun scene, but as Jonathan Young explains, they’re gaining in popularity even if they look a little rough The Gem was designed in the 1870s in the United States, while this particular

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Jonathan Young on the Webley Service Air Rifle

The Webley Service Air Rifle is a much-loved piece of airgun history, but Jonathan Young ends up with an example that’s been loved a bit too much. Collectors love the Webley Service and seek out the best examples they can,

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How to tune your air rifle – Johnathan Young explains the process

Tuning may have taken off in the 1970s, but is still relevant today and now includes CO2 and PCPs as well as springers, as Jonathan Young explains. A spring and a tub of grease – now that’s tuning the old-fashioned

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Gamo R-77 review with Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young takes a close look at the Gamo R-77 – a collectable CO2 revolver from the 1990s that offered plenty of choice and plenty of features “The combination of a long barrel and wood give the r-77 M6 a

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How to make a target box

BB shooter Jonathan Young keeps on the right side of his neighbours by building a target box to catch his ammo and keep everything peaceful and quiet. The heart of Jonathan’s target box is an old wooden wine crate that

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Solving the enigma

Today it’s bullpups, but Jonathan Young reminds us that once upon a time the take-down rifle was in vogue – and one great example is the Brocock Enigma The Enigma was a very unusual gun, a superbly designed multi-shot with

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The collecting bug bites

If you’ve got an itch to begin a new airgun collection or expand your existing one, what should you do next? Just scratch it, argues Jonathan Young Your wife says it’s gone too far. Your dog looks at you in

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Restorations with Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young takes on a tricky restoration project to bring an airgun back from the edge – the edge of reason! Getting out and about looking for a new permission is all part of airgunning. Back garden shooting is great,

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Gun collecting with Jonathan Young

So you want to be a collector? You’re suddenly overcome by an urge to buy more airguns. There’s nothing wrong with that, argues Jonathan Young as he leads you down the rabbit hole of gun collecting. Waking up on any given

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Ask the experts

Our experts have your questions in their sights! Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at the right place to discover remedies for your airgun anxieties! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix

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