Brocock Concept XR review

The Brocock Concept XR may be minimalistic in design, but Mat Manning reckons it takes functionality and versatility to the max British gunmaker Brocock has developed a flair for making reliable airguns built for functionality and getting the job done.

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Crow control w/ Mat Manning

Members of the crow family are among the airgun shooter’s most challenging adversaries – but can be outwitted as Mat Manning demonstrates during a testing hide session. Shooting always throws up unexpected surprises and that is certainly the case here.

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Daystate Red Wolf Heritage review – Mat Manning tests the limited edition model

The limited edition Heritage model of the Daystate Red Wolf combines world-beating technology with elegance and exclusivity – Mat Manning puts this remarkable airgun to the test. The Daystate Red Wolf needs no introduction; it has established itself as one

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Feinwerkbau 800x FT test w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow manages to get through lockdown by borrowing a friend’s Feinwerkbau 800x FT – and very much likes what he sees. Adjustability is key for the Feinwerkbau 800x FT, with the trigger and hamster just two of the features

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BSA Ultra CLX review – Mat Manning tests the latest model

The famous BSA Ultra has been given a major overhaul in its new CLX guise – Mat Manning gets to grips with the latest incarnation of this modern classic British gunmaker BSA has a talent for striking a very happy

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Best rangefinders – Rich Saunders’ top picks

Rich Saunders homes in on the range as he tests no fewer than seven rangefinders to see if they can go the distance. Let’s face it, of all the things you can hunt with legally in the UK, 12ft-lb air

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Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 4.5-14×44 review

Mike Morton takes a look at the Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 4.5-14×44, and reckons this optic is worth way more than a sideways glance. Hawke Sidewinder 30 4.5-14 Rifle Scope Hawke’s Sidewinder scopes are often touted as being suitable for

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Best thermal and IR spotters w/ Richard Saunders

The rabbits and rats hide, and Rich Saunders seeks with the help of some of the best thermal and IR spotters on the market. I have to admit to being instinctively dubious of most new things. For good or bad,

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The Airgun Show – manic squirrel hunt with the Walther RM8, PLUS the new BSA Ultra CLX on test…

Mat Manning is back on his squirrel control rounds, targeting the invasive rodents at a feeding station on a sunny spring day. With hungry bushy-tails queuing up to feed, Mat puts the Walther RM8 to good use to bring the

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RWS Power Bolt review w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton tests the RWS Power Bolt, a pellet that’s not sure if it’s a bullet or a slug, but knows without doubt that it’s very heavy Without meaning to sound too controversial, the standard diabolo of average weight is

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