10 Top tips for caring and maintaining your gun

Simon Everett shares his expert advice on how to care and maintain your air rifle for optimum results…

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Materclass in zeroing a rifle

Zeroing a rifle is a vital step on the road to accurate shooting – but, as Mike Morton explains, so is knowing where to aim at a host of different distances…

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How to shoot from a bench bag

Shooters need to see exactly what their gun is doing if they’re to achieve supreme accuracy. Shooting from a stable platform is key, with bench bags often the answer, suggests Mark Camoccio

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How to pack a scope mount

Running out of scope turret adjustment, for whatever reason, is more common than you may think. Packing the mounts may not be ideal, but it can prove to be a cost- effective solution, insists Mark Camoccio

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10 Top tips to dress for a shooting session

Whether your new to shooting or an old timer, Simon Everett unfolds all your essential apparel requirements for a comfortable day of shooting, whatever the time of year.

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First Impressions: FX Crown hunting rifle

The Jewel in FX’s Crown? Editor Mike Morton takes a close look at the Swedish airgun company’s ambitious and feature-packed new hunting rifle… Key Specs Barrel: Smooth Twist X Power Adjusters: Two Regulator: Externally adjustable Noise Reduction: Shrouded barrel Magazine

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5 Shooting winter wardrobe essentials

Dress for shooting success with these four winter warmers to help you to keep in tip-top condition for the season ahead. 1. Reversible Vest Price: £93 Outdoor clothing brand Pinewood has launched the reversible Red Deer vest in Realtree Xtra

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Ask the experts: How to improve your fieldcraft

How can you get to grips with crafty conies? Our expert reveals all…

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Handy accessories for a feeding station ambush

You don’t need any specialist kit to pick off squirrels when they sneak out to steal from grain feeders, but there are several pieces of gear that can help to improve your results.

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Give ’em some stick!

Pest control is a war of attrition, and victories won through a sustained approach are just as valuable as occasional big hits. Aided by his hunting buddy and a handy piece of kit, Mat Manning proves the importance of keeping the pressure on

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