Nighttime Crow hunting with Kev Hawker

Roost shooting can be a very effective way to cull crafty corvids – Kev Hawker puts in a late shift in an effort to reduce the numbers of these nest-robbing birds. Roost shooting is a great way to bring crows

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Nighttime ratting: The Countryman

Mat Manning heads out for some nighttime ratting in a pheasant pen where rats have homed in on the gamebirds’ feed. The Quarry: Brown Rat Credit: anemoneprojectors Pest status This rodent spreads disease by toileting around stored crops, animal feed

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Cold weather squirrel control

Mat Manning heads out for a morning in the freezing woods to target greedy bushy-tails as they home in on the pheasant feeders. Cold weather and short days can make the prospect of spending a day in winter woodland seem

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The Countryman with Mat Manning

PLEASE NOTE: This edition of The Countryman was produced BEFORE the revocation of the General Licences. Corvid control is a priority during the spring. Songbirds and gamebirds are nesting, which means an easy meal for crows and magpies, who are

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