Cold weather squirrel control

Mat Manning heads out for a morning in the freezing woods to target greedy bushy-tails as they home in on the pheasant feeders. Cold weather and short days can make the prospect of spending a day in winter woodland seem

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Farmyard foray in this month’s Countryman

With wet weather threatening to stop play, Mat Manning heads onto the farm in search of shelter and finds plenty of pests doing the same. Most shooters are pretty hardy when it comes to inclement weather – we enjoy being

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Reaping the rewards of failure

Philip Siddell takes an analytical approach to his shooting and explains how applying a simple feedback cycle can turn a miss into a hit. I hate to miss a shot. It bothers me far more than it should. There is

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The hunter’s season

With the countryside at its most beautiful and quarry species distracted by a rich natural harvest, Kev Hawker heads out to bask in the colder seasons. Late autumn and early winter really are the hunter’s months as far as I’m

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Pro-target? Pro quality!

Andy McLachlan sings the praises of an iconic Air Arms rifle that’s still being shot in competition three decades after it was introduced. Tommy Frith owns no fewer than four Pro-Targets – lined up here are three of them The

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The barn door

Jim Old is forced to come clean about his airgun-shooting past as he gets back into the sport after a lengthy absence. Veteran airgunners prepare to be appalled, but I confess I can’t remember the make or model of my

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Quick Shots: Streamlight WayPoint Spotlight

The Streamlight WayPoint Spotlight is pointing the way as a great tool for the nocturnal airgun hunter, as it can be used to scan wide areas. It’s useful at your car when prepping gear, or after the hunt when packing

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Airgun Insider: What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was worried, and for a  good reason – rabbit numbers were alarmingly low. Last summer was long, hot and dry. I remember in Airgun Shooter Issue 116 discussing how I’d stopped shooting the very few

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Rekindle the spark

If you have a rifle that’s sitting all alone at the back of your gun cabinet, then Mike Morton reckons it’s high time you learned to love again Getting a new airgun can be a bit like starting a new

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SPONSORED: DD Optics Ultralight Binoculars

Perfect for summer hunts, the DD binoculars are a great edition for the airgun hunter’s essential kit Whether you’re stationary or on the move, the DD binoculars will fit in perfectly because of its small and lightweight body. These binoculars

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