Keeping focus in target shooting

Whether you booze it up or get to bed early before a competition, Andy McLachlan insists you clear your head if you hope to shoot well. Top shots like Dave Benyon know they need to approach each competition in the

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HFT shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

After a long absence from HFT, Andy McLachlan takes part in a shoot at a stunning ground – it was a long drive, but was it worth it? Phil Soper takes aim, ending up with an impressive score of 55

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Buying your first airgun – Andy McLachlan on the first steps

Andy McLachlan coaches the newcomer through the first steps of airgun ownership, with the promise that good techniques will be rewarded. Air rifles can be works of art, like this HW95 Special Edition belonging to Andy’s friend Ian Jones, but

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Don’t miss the August open days at World Farm

Wold Farm has hundreds of targets for the airgunner to shoot, and if you come on one of their open days you’ll be able to get in for free. While you can bring your own rifle, Wold Farm is well-stocked

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Short or zero eye relief scopes w/ Mike Morton

Short or zero eye relief scopes deliver a different experience to a conventional optic, so Mike Morton finds out what they have to offer. It was a daytime shoot around the farm, and while the intended quarry had been feral

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Rabbit shooting – the Countryman w/ Mat Manning

After a winter layoff from rabbit shooting, Mat Manning makes a return to coney control with an evening on the pony paddocks. Rabbit numbers have been up and down on my patch over the past few years. Myxomatosis, which has

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Outdoor airgun shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan recalls a time when the world was a little closer to normal and he paid a visit to a shooting ground for a spot of HFT. Andy takes on a long-range target on one of the HFT courses

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Thermal riflescope – Mat Manning heads out for some pest controlling with new kit

Mat Manning swaps his usual infrared night vision for a thermal setup and has a busy night on the scaly-tails. Although I am willing to embrace new technology if I think it is justified by the improvement it brings to

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Farmyard feral pigeon control w/ Mat Manning

With feral pigeons and corvids threatening to spiral out of control on the farm, Mat Manning heads out with a sub-12 ft-lb air rifle – the perfect tool for controlling feathered pests around agricultural buildings. Where is no getting away

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Rich Saunders’ pest control on his permission

Rich Saunders tackles a new pest problem on one of his smallest permissions. My very first permission, gained many years ago, is a field in the next village. It’s only a few acres, but wandering about the hedgerows with my

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