Target shooting: choosing the right pellet

Target shooting expert Andy McLachlan offers a few powerful pointers for when it’s time to pick the perfect pellet for your particular air rifle. These pellets come from die 46 and actually do measure the 4.53 head size as indicated

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Ammo accuracy in the latest Airgun Shooter Q&A

A question about ammo accuracy is among the latest to be put to our panel of experts in the latest Airgun Shooter Q&A. Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at the

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Best pellets: how to choose the right one

Ammo Nation! As a country of airgun shooters, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our ammunition. Mike Morton offers some pointers to help you pick your perfect pellet

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Testing a new air rifle: Mike Morton explains how its done

Mike Morton explains how he checks a new air rifle to find how well it’s performing, and what ammo suits it best. A shooting buddy recently asked me to run through the way we test the guns that land on

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Grey Squirrel hunt: The Countryman

In this month’s Countryman with Mat Manning, he’s hunting for grey squirrels. The grey squirrel is a constant problem in British woodland. Ever since its introduction to our shores, this invasive rodent has caused widespread damage to trees and has

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The Airgun Show – day and night hunting for crows and rabbits, PLUS Pellpax HW110 kit on test…

We join Richard Saunders on a farm where corvids and rabbits are causing problems. Although there’s a chance of bagging a crow or two by daylight, the bunnies are proving wary and it takes a nocturnal approach to bring them

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Mike Morton on the production version of the Lee-Enfield SMLE

Mike Morton goes over the top all over again and racks the bolt on the production version of the BB-firing SMLE from Lee-Enfield (Guns) Ltd. KEY SPECS Gun supplied by: The Shooting Party ( Lee-Enfield (Guns) LtdModel: Lee-Enfield SMLEPrice: £429Powerplant:

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Pellet test: Bisley Super Field

Mike Morton shoots the Bisley Super Field – a pellet that looks like it was born to hunt, but reckons it can cut it for competition use as well. It’s always good to find a pellet that manages to rock

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The Airgun Show – hectic night vision rat hunt, PLUS slug shooting test with FX Impact MKII…

Cold, wet weather has pushed more rats onto the farm, and Mat Manning is using night vision gear to bring them to book. The action takes a while to warm up but the scavenging rodents eventually emerge to feed and

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Colour coding cuts confusion

Even the finest air rifles in the world, regardless of who makes them, are only as good as the pellets they’re fed – and it’s vitally important to understand exactly what you’re buying, so Daystate has colour-coded its extensive line

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