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Mat Manning sets up a stakeout to bring the bunnies back under control after their springtime breeding boom, which often produces a distinct spike in their numbers. Rabbits are excellent to eat, so Mat’s efforts are rewarded with some tasty wild meat as well.

Kev Hawker also heads out hunting, starting off with a leisurely morning in the woods to bring a few invasive grey squirrels to book. Greys may look cute and fluffy to some people, but looks can be deceptive, and Kev knows this invasive rodent has had a hugely negative impact on our native wildlife.

The spring and summer months usually welcome newcomers to the sport, so Mike Morton shares 40 of his key tips, tricks and techniques to help us raise our game and be top of the ‘hit’ parade when we release our next shot.

FX has revamped the highly successful Impact with a MkII model – but could this pioneering bullpup be improved upon any further? Mat takes it to the range to find out.

Umarex is on a mission to put a Glock in as many shooters’ hands as possible – and Mike finds himself grabbing hold of the Glock 19X CO2 variant to see how it compares with the original powder-burner. He also tests the Athlon Talos BTR – a sight that’s rated for airgun use, has a reticle in the first focal plane and is promoted by Athlon as being an affordable rifle scope option.

Richard Saunders gets his hands on four of the hottest CO2-powered rifles on sale right now, and finds them a valid alternative to the usual rifle choices of a PCP, springer or gas-ram.

Target shooter Andy McLachlan dispels the myth that you have to spend a king’s ransom to buy a rig that’s capable of being used in competition, and goes on to explain what happens when a shooter turns up for their very first Hunter Field Target event.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about lubricating pellets, the possibility of having to switch to lead-free ammo and the safety implications of storing a compressed air cylinder at home.

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