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It’s time to order your copy of the brand-new issue of Airgun Shooter available from today, so what are you waiting for?

Woodpigeons are causing massive amounts of damage to arable crops at this time of year, so this issue’s a pigeon special, focusing on two very different ways to target these troublesome birds. 

In an effort to stop pigeons from decimating corn crops, Mat Manning sets up a hide on one of his permissions and uses a series of decoys – including the unusual ‘floater’ variety – to tempt the woodies within range of his air rifle.

Kev Hawker’s on a similar mission, this time choosing a mix of woodland stalking and ambushing to get the birds under his crosshairs. The thick tree canopy’s a bit of a problem though, so Kev uses a pigeon caller to try to make them coo back and reveal their whereabouts.

One thing all airgun hunters agree on is the need to kill a quarry animal quickly and humanely, so Mike Morton shoots various pellet types of both .177 and .22 calibres into blocks of clay to determine what damage each projectile does – and whether there really is a ‘best’ calibre for hunting.

John Hooper recounts how shooting has helped form a solid bond spanning four generations of his family, with one particular rifle being a heartfelt memorial to his late father.

Three hunting PCPs are put through their paces, with the buddy bottle-equipped Walther Reign and Kral Puncher Jumbo being joined by the Gamo Venari, which has an inline air cylinder – and plenty of extras.

These three guns are all sub-12 foot pounds, but Richard Saunders ups the ante and takes no fewer than five FAC-rated rifles into the field to find out whether more power really is an advantage.

Andy McLachlan has been musing over the modifications that many target shooters like to make to their guns, and whether these jobs can be tackled at home or left to the experts.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about maximum hunting ranges, dealing with a police call-out and the difference between a moderator and a silencer.

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