A champion day’s shooting

Colin Medway (L), Nigel Grigsby (C) and Vince Blackman (R) were the shooters who took the top three places in the Meon Championship Shoot Shooters of all abilities took part in Meon Valley Airgun Club’s shoot – with great courses,

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In the crosshairs: Northern Shooting Show’s Paul Whitelam

Paul spotted the need for a show to cater for shooters in the north of the country – so went ahead and organised The Northern Shooting Show. Did you shoot before getting into the industry, and do you shoot today?

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Which gun when?

Mat Manning delves into his gun room and explains how he chooses between his favourite airguns when he heads out hunting. Some time ago, a reader wrote in to ask about the various guns I use for my hunting and,

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Warning over fake BSA magazines

BSA owners are being urged to use only genuine magazines in their rifles, rather than 3D-printed versions which can break apart and cause a jam. The Birmingham gunmaker said: “It has been brought to our attention that 3D-printed copies of

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From The Archives: day-night rabbit shooting

Don’t forget to subscribe for more! It’s August 2018, and with the night starting to draw in, hunters will be turning their attention to after-dark pest control. Mat Manning is out after rabbits with his ATN X-Sight II night vision

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Airgun addict: Jeremy Stamp

At just eight years of age, Jeremy struggled to cock his first rifle, but he persisted, and it started a lifelong love of all things air MY FIRST STEPS My first air rifle was a Britannia, manufactured by CG Bonehill

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No shooting at 2022 Games: is this the reason…?

The Commonwealth Games Federation’s executive board has rejected pleas to add shooting into the line-up of sports that will feature at the Birmingham games in 2022. The decision was made despite Birmingham being the birthplace of the British gun industry,

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Richard Saunders’ rat pack crackdown

Primos Trigger Sticks offer a stable platform for standing shots and can be made shorter for sitting or kneeling shots too Richard Saunders and friends crack down on some farmyard rodents. Although I shoot throughout the winter, it’s a huge

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When .22 was king…

Ian Jones recently bought this latest version of the classic HW 35 Export – it’s beautiful! Andy McLachlan remembers the glory days of airgun shooting when .22 was king, and sets out to restore the monarchy. Like many shooters of

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The collecting bug bites

If you’ve got an itch to begin a new airgun collection or expand your existing one, what should you do next? Just scratch it, argues Jonathan Young Your wife says it’s gone too far. Your dog looks at you in

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