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The Airgun Show – day and night vision rabbit hunting, PLUS FX barrel change tutorial…

We’re joining Mat Manning on a challenging rabbit shoot in this week’s episode. These rabbits have had a lot of shooting pressure, so it takes stealth to get past their defences. Mat uses a roving approach at dusk and then

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Which gun when?

Mat Manning delves into his gun room and explains how he chooses between his favourite airguns when he heads out hunting. Some time ago, a reader wrote in to ask about the various guns I use for my hunting and,

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The Airgun Show – pigeon, jackdaw and rabbit hunt, PLUS the Pellpax Crowbuster spring gun combo

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and a mixed bag is on the cards. He starts on a farmyard shoot where pigeons are targeting cereal crops and jackdaws are raiding animal feed, and then moves on to a grassland

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The Airgun Show: From The Archives – Summer rabbit hunt

In our second episode of From The Archives, we’re taking you back four years ago this week! This time it’s rabbits in our sights, and Mat Manning is out on the hunt with the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter and a

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The Airgun Show: From the Archives

Welcome to the first instalment of our new weekly series, From the Archives, in which we look back at the best moments from the history of The Airgun Show. In our first episode, we’re looking back to just after Christmas

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The Airgun Show – rabbit hunting with the Daystate Red Wolf, PLUS the FX Crown on test…

Rabbits are back in the crosshairs as Mat Manning targets a paddock where the burrowing pests are posing a danger to ponies and other livestock. He’s set up with a scope-cam for this ambush, so you can watch the shooting

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The Airgun Show – Feral pigeon and dove shoot, PLUS the special edition Daystate Genus…

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and he’s controlling farmyard pests. Feral pigeons and collared doves pose a disease risk and are also munching a costly dent into animal feed, so Andy is hoping to make a big bag.

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The Airgun Show – Hunting rabbits with ambush tactics, PLUS the AirForceOne Sirocco on test…

The rabbits on one of Mat Manning’s shoots have spiralled in numbers after a successful breeding season, and their burrowing is posing a danger to livestock. Mat sets up an evening ambush, shooting from the prone position for added stability

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The Airgun Show – Scope-cam crow roost hunt, PLUS the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter R on test We’re out on an awesome dusk shoot this week as Mat heads out to target crows around their woodland roosting site. The wary birds grow in confidence as darkness closes in and Mat gets some fantastic twilight shooting and

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Video: Scope-cam hunting and Northern Shooting Show highlights

On this week’s Airgun Show we’re picking off pests with help from a scope-cam and there’s a full report from the Northern Shooting Show…

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