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Warm weather airgun shooting w/ Mat Manning

Hot, muggy days may not be the best for shooting, but Mat Manning reckons there’s always something to be gained from spending time on your ground. The summer months can be very challenging as far as pest control is concerned,

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Grey squirrel shooting – setting up a feeding station w/ Mat Manning

Setting up a feeding station is by far the most effective way to make a serious dent in numbers of destructive grey squirrels – Mat Manning explains how he does it. The woods where I am shooting today are managed

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Why airgun hunters should target grey squirrels

Pete Brookes explains how grey squirrels came to be living in the UK – and why airgun hunters should target grey squirrels. Maybe we have a lot to thank the grey squirrel for. It gives us an incentive to get

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The Airgun Show – Epic squirrel hunting, PLUS top ten shots from 2020…

There is no denying that feeding stations can make a huge difference when it comes to controlling grey squirrels, and Mat Manning certainly hammers home the point in this week’s episode. The bushy-tails are literally queuing up at one of

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Cold season airgun hunting

With the countryside at its most beautiful and quarry species distracted by a rich natural harvest, Kev Hawker heads out to bask in the colder seasons. Late autumn and early winter really are the hunter’s months as far as I’m

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The garden range – tips for backyard shooting

Sponsored by… Mike Morton has 10 tips to help you get the best out of your garden range so you can fine-tune your shooting skills and have a ton of fun The garden is a great place to enjoy your

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Squirrel control – The Countryman

Go about it in the right way and invasive grey squirrels can be controlled safely and discreetly in the back garden – Mat Manning explains how. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere, garden pest control

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The Airgun Show – shoot squirrels from a feeding station, PLUS improve accuracy by mastering aim-off

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease more and more hunters are heading out to crack on with grey squirrel control. With that in mind, Mat kicks off this episode with a masterclass on how to make your own feeding station

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Grey Squirrel hunt: The Countryman

In this month’s Countryman with Mat Manning, he’s hunting for grey squirrels. The grey squirrel is a constant problem in British woodland. Ever since its introduction to our shores, this invasive rodent has caused widespread damage to trees and has

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TAS From the Archives: frantic squirrel feeder action

In our latest edition of The Airgun Show: From The Archives, we go back to November 2017 for prime-time autumn grey squirrel hunting. Mat Manning has set up a peanut feeder to assist with the cull, and it seems that

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