It’s time for the slug fest

Roger Lait continues his quest to find some airgun slugs that can shoot – and remain accurate – out to 100 yards and more. So here is part two of my Quest for Slugs. Sounds like a film, but not

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Gun test: Walther Reign

Mat Manning heads out with Walther’s distinctive new bullpup to see if this eye-catching little PCP can cut it in the performance stakes There is simply no stopping the current rampage of bullpup airguns. I’m not sure whether it’s down

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At your service

Mike Morton goes on a servicing and repair course to find out how the engineers who work on your PCPs get trained Any airgun shooters of a practical nature will be able to tear apart a springer themselves, but the

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Andy McLachlan on benchrests

Andy takes a more minimalistic approach, using a bean bag at the front end only – at least for now Andy McLachlan’s been taking a fairly simple approach when it comes to supporting his rifles for benchrest – but all

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Airgun 125 is out NOW

Rat numbers have boomed on one of the farms where Mat Manning shoots, attracted by an abundance of easy food and plenty of snug places to nest. The cocky rodents are even venturing out in daylight, so Mat sets up

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The Airgun Show – rabbit hunting with the Daystate Red Wolf, PLUS the FX Crown on test…

Rabbits are back in the crosshairs as Mat Manning targets a paddock where the burrowing pests are posing a danger to ponies and other livestock. He’s set up with a scope-cam for this ambush, so you can watch the shooting

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Kev Hawker’s on squirrel patrol

Kev Hawker treats himself to a leisurely morning in the woods, and brings a few invasive grey squirrels to book while he’s at it. If you asked me to name the most destructive pest in the British countryside, I would

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The Airgun Show – Feral pigeon and dove shoot, PLUS the special edition Daystate Genus…

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and he’s controlling farmyard pests. Feral pigeons and collared doves pose a disease risk and are also munching a costly dent into animal feed, so Andy is hoping to make a big bag.

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Andy McLachlan’s memorable multi-shot magazine moment

While many of his fellow target shooters prefer to stay single, Andy McLachlan has a memorable moment with his multi-shot magazine. Most HFT competition shooters will be using single-shot rifles for competition purposes. There are, of course, many good reasons

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Andy McLachlan on the Red Wolf

After howling at the moon about a new rifle purchase, Andy McLachlan joined the wolf pack and decided to fork out for a Red Wolf. Was he pleased? Let’s find out… You may remember from some of my recent articles

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