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Shooting the Daystate Red Wolf Safari with Roger Lait

Roger Lait helps a shooting friend get a large dose of high-power happiness in the shape of the Daystate Red Wolf Safari. The Safari really packs a punch and is being used by Ray for hunting – he’s already accounted

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Daystate Howler slugs reviewed by Roger Lait

Roger Lait gets to grips with the new Howler slug from Daystate, and despite an anxious start finds himself ending up in airgun heaven. Daystate Howler slugs Hi Roger, I understand you like shooting slugs. How do you fancy being

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FAC air rifles – the pros and cons with Roger Lait

Are you thinking of going FAC? Roger Lait explains what it’s like to live with a rifle with a muzzle energy of 50 foot pounds So how much is too much power for an airgun? Do you need 50 foot

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It’s time for the slug fest

Roger Lait continues his quest to find some airgun slugs that can shoot – and remain accurate – out to 100 yards and more. So here is part two of my Quest for Slugs. Sounds like a film, but not

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Hot performance at the Worlds

Roger Lait leads the GB team on a long, hot march to the firing point – and a worthy third place at the World HFT Championships. We came, we saw, we sadly did not conquer – but what a brilliant

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Airgun Shooter 124 is out NOW

In this month’s Airgun Shooter Magazine, Mat Manning visits an estate where a hardwood plantation has been devastated by grey squirrels who’ve been stripping the bark from the trees. He sets up a feeding station to help bring squirrel numbers

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Roger Lait shares his secrets on training

Roger Lait shares a few secrets about his training regime as he prepares for the WHFTO World Championships in Poland. Who wants to be a world champion? How do you go about being one? Is there a quick way to

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