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Summer means warm weather (if we’re lucky!) and that brings a welcome influx of new recruits to the world of airgun shooting.

But choosing the right setup can feel like a minefield for the beginner, especially when choosing between a spring-powered airgun or a pre-charged model. This is a subject that Mike Morton gets his teeth into, and his advice should prove very useful to anyone wrestling with that conundrum.

If you do decide to take the recoilless option and buy yourself a pre-charged air rifle, you may be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable these guns are.

It wasn’t long ago that PCPs were regarded by many as being prohibitively expensive, but Richard Saunders has picked a selection of sub-£500 pre-charged airguns and his observations are well worth a read if you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new rifle, but don’t want to break the bank.

Mat Manning has been testing an airgun from the opposite end of the financial scale, the high-end FX Impact MkII Compact. This is a cut-down version of the Swedish gunmaker’s flagship rifle, and Mat reckons FX is onto another winner with this little bullpup.

Balmy evenings are made for stalking rabbits, so Mat’s also been out on a roving session in the hope of bagging some bunnies for the pot.

Mike, meanwhile, has been looking at the Revere, Daystate’s latest incarnation of the iconic Huntsman. He finds a rifle that stays true to its traditional roots, while adding in some exciting modern twists.

He’s also been hitting the bench to test Bisley Long Range Gold. With a name like that, this ammo has a lot to live up to, so he finds out whether these pellets really do deliver at distance.

Target shooter Andy McLachlan and a few like-minded friends become Polo players for the afternoon as they take on a new type of shooting challenge! Andy can’t resist the lure of a lovely rifle and gives in to temptation yet again, this time for a Walther LG400.

It’s not all about new airguns though, as Simon Everett shows how easy it is to replace a breech seal, even a vintage leather item, breathing new life into a much-cherished older rifle.

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