Mike Morton heads into the kitchen to cook up a batch of ballistic gel

Mike Morton heads to the kitchen and cooks up a batch of ballistic gel to find out how much pellet shape and calibre matter when it comes to a clean kill. Who’d have thought you could have so much fun

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SPONSORED: Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph

The ability to test the velocity and muzzle energy of your airgun has always been a vital function to ensure safety and compliance with the law, the new AirForceOne® Ballistically Brilliant! ™ Chronograph is ideal for use in the field…

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6 Must-have airgun kit accessories

We don’t know about you, but there are never enough accessories for our airguns, so to save you the trouble of scouring around the internet yourself we’ve rounded up essential pieces of kit to add to your ever growing list

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Pellets In Drag

Many shooters have heard of it, a few actually take heed of it… but the majority are left in the dark over it. Most shooters think it probably is very important, however. Research scientist, Miles Morris, offers up an explanation for the little-understood ballistic coefficient of an airgun pellet – and explains why it’s of absolutely no use whatsoever!

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