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Squirrel control using feeding stations

Feeding stations can be a game-changer for airgun shooters tasked with controlling grey squirrels – Mat Manning looks back on an eventful year  People who carry out squirrel control with air rifles know that the use of feeding stations can

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Grey squirrel shooting – setting up a feeding station w/ Mat Manning

Setting up a feeding station is by far the most effective way to make a serious dent in numbers of destructive grey squirrels – Mat Manning explains how he does it. The woods where I am shooting today are managed

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How to hunt grey squirrels with an air rifle

Sponsored by… Mat Manning shares 10 top tips to help airgun hunters bag more bushy-tails. Mat lines up the Walther Rotex RM8 UC on a grey squirrel he caught making its way towards a pheasant feeder 1. Set up a

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The Airgun Show – awesome squirrel hunting, PLUS the Daystate Huntsman Revere…

Setting up a feeding station is one of the best ways to lure invasive grey squirrels within range of an air rifle, as Mat Manning proves here. The squirrels come thick and fast, providing some great shooting and enabling Mat

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The Airgun Show – shoot squirrels from a feeding station, PLUS improve accuracy by mastering aim-off

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease more and more hunters are heading out to crack on with grey squirrel control. With that in mind, Mat kicks off this episode with a masterclass on how to make your own feeding station

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