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The Airgun Show – hide shooting with the Delta Wolf, PLUS the AFO Air Rover portable compressor…

Corvids are among the airgun shooter’s most challenging adversaries but that hasn’t discouraged Rich Saunders. Faced with an influx of crows, rooks and jackdaws on one of his permissions, Rich sets up a hide and uses the Daystate Delta Wolf

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Best kit for cold weather shooting with Richard Saunders

There’s no reason why wet or cold weather should put an end to our sport, so Richard Saunders looks at some kit that will let us carry on shooting. August’s unprecedented heatwave may have been good for our tans, but

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The Airgun Show – corvid and pigeon control with the Walther Reign, PLUS scope-cam filming gear…

We join Andy Watkins just before harvest as he sets his sights on pest birds that have homed in on a barely crop. After setting up his hide within range of incoming birds’ favourite lookout post, Andy enjoys some great

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The Airgun Show – awesome squirrel hunting, PLUS the Daystate Huntsman Revere…

Setting up a feeding station is one of the best ways to lure invasive grey squirrels within range of an air rifle, as Mat Manning proves here. The squirrels come thick and fast, providing some great shooting and enabling Mat

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Getting new permissions with Shawn Minchin

Shawn Minchin recalls how he managed to snare a new permission that turned out to be quite a bit different to what he’d been expecting. The feeder was 23 yards from Shawn’s shooting position – with him sitting on a

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CORONAVIRUS: Our tips on how to stay active during lockdown

At the start of last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out a new strategy for managing the coronavirus outbreak. One of the key factors for this was advising everyone to adhere to social distancing practices – to avoid all

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Winter squirrel hunting in this week’s Airgun Show

We join Mat Manning as he hunts grey squirrels on a farm where shooters can stay for an airgun holiday. Presented with unfamiliar ground, Mat offers some tips on how to maximise your chances when getting to grips with a

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The Airgun Show – night vision rabbit hunt, PLUS Pellpax Rabbit Sniper MKII kit on test…

As the days get shorter, rabbits are becoming more and more nocturnal in their habit. After-dark hunting is one of the best ways to target bunnies at this time of year, and we follow Mat Manning on a late session

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The Airgun Show – decoying pigeons with an air rifle, PLUS the Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Deluxe Kit

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and he’s setting his sights high. Decoying wary woodpigeons within range of an air rifle is never easy, but Andy combines fieldcraft and precise shooting to make an impressive tally in front of

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Show Report: Best new Airguns and gear at IWA

This year’s IWA trade show in Nuremberg attracted huge numbers of visitors and exhibitors – and Mat Manning was there to see what all the excitement was about

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