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First impressions: TacRest from Edgar Brothers

Inflation is rarely a good thing, but the TacRest Inflatable Shooting Bag from Edgar Brothers proves to be the exception rather than the rule. The TacRest is pre-filled and can be adjusted for height by pumping the bulb to add

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BSA Ultra CLX – first impressions

Mike Morton takes a look at the BSA Ultra CLX – an all-new version of this iconic sporting air rifle that’s available in regular and First Edition formats. When the BSA Ultra was introduced more than 15 years ago, thousands

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Sidewinder Boot Hands Free Military Flashlight – first impressions

Torches are becoming more and more specialised, with the Streamlight Sidewinder Boot Hands Free Military Flashlight being no exception. Sidewinder Boot Hands Free Military Flashlight The US manufacturer calls it “the new standard flashlight for boot camp, recruit/basic training and

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First impressions: SIG Sauer’s P365

For SIG Sauer, small is beautiful – their new P365 may be a micro-compact pistol, but it still manages to offer a high-capacity mag with 12 rounds of BB-blasting fun. The P365 may be small in stature, but it has

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First impressions: Javelin Lite

Spartan is releasing a Lite version of its Javelin bipod that’s been specially designed with airgun shooters in mind. The Javelin contains a magnet that clicks the bipod firmly into place with the adaptor on your rifle – it takes

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First impressions: Hawke Sidewinder FFP

Aim points for free with an FFP:First-focal-plane scopes are gaining in popularity, and as Mike Morton casts his eye over the Hawke Sidewinder FFP, it’s easy to see why

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First Impressions: Dust Devil BBs go up in smoke!

Fancy a BB that won’t bounce or ricochet off your target? Look no further than the Dust Devil from Air Venturi

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