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6 Must-have airgun kit accessories

We don’t know about you, but there are never enough accessories for our airguns, so to save you the trouble of scouring around the internet yourself we’ve rounded up essential pieces of kit to add to your ever growing list

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First Impressions: FX Crown hunting rifle

The Jewel in FX’s Crown? Editor Mike Morton takes a close look at the Swedish airgun company’s ambitious and feature-packed new hunting rifle… Key Specs Barrel: Smooth Twist X Power Adjusters: Two Regulator: Externally adjustable Noise Reduction: Shrouded barrel Magazine

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How to choose a gun for a junior

It’s important to introduce youngsters to shooting, but many airguns are too heavy to handle. Stick to some basic rules, however, and you can find the right model… 1. Age & Safety Let’s start with safety. It is perfectly legal to

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How to make a spring compressor

Nick Stanning is a fan of spring-powered rifles, give them a go by following his helpful step-by-step guide to creating a spring compressor. 1. Safety first An air rifle mainspring is quite powerful, and may be under tension even when

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The Gun Test: Colt .45 “The Peacemaker”

colt SAA .45

Umarex has released the long-barrelled cavalry version of the Colt SAA .45. Mike Morton reckons you can gallop to glory with this CO2 pellet gun

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Walther Rotex RM8

It’s been kept under wraps for most of the year, but since being announced as ‘imminent’, everyone’s been keen to see just how well Walther’s first bolt-action PCP will stack up – especially as its asking price of just £420

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Right on Q!

Though many firearms passed through his hands, James Bond 007 is best known for his use of two Walther pistols – the PPK and P99. Under cover of daylight, Nathan Kingsley is dropped deep inside his garden and licensed to put their 4.5mm airgun ‘blowback’ versions into active service…

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Going on duty

Denmark’s Action Sport Games – or ASG – have been uber-busy with the release of a duo of exciting new CO2-powered airgun models under licence to famous firearms brands.  In gun shops courtesy of Highland Outdoors, first up is their

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Maxed in

Just arriving in the UK is the new Max-ML multishot sidelever from Korean gunmaker, Evanix. The Max is a bullpup-configured PCP that sports either a synthetic (shown) or walnut stock, priced at £750 and £900 respectively, with shot-count figures of

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The gun with two names

Nathan Kingsley puts the very versatile Beeman P17 – aka Model 2004E – to the test on his garden range…

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