The Airgun Show – pigeon, jackdaw and rabbit hunt, PLUS the Pellpax Crowbuster spring gun combo

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and a mixed bag is on the cards. He starts on a farmyard shoot where pigeons are targeting cereal crops and jackdaws are raiding animal feed, and then moves on to a grassland

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Richard Saunders on CO2 rifles

Richard Saunders gets his hands on four of the hottest CO2-powered rifles on sale right now. Readers of a certain vintage may well remember the Sodastream – the must-have kitchen gadget that turned water into Coca-Cola, or lemonade or any

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Get ready for the Northern Shooting Show!

Anticipation is building ahead of the Northern Shooting Show – and airgun shooters have plenty of reasons to be excited. While the Northern has grown to be the largest combined indoor and outdoor show in the UK in just three

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Gun test: Norica Storm X

Mat Manning is kicking up a storm as he gets to grips with the Norica Storm X – a budget-busting break-barrel that boasts a host of handy extras. Basic break-barrel springers are a brilliant way to get into airgun shooting

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SPONSORED: Rifle Pellet Sample Pack

This sample pack from Rifle includes a variety of .177 pellets that are bundled with a pack of targets for you to compare how each pellet performs in your pistol or rifle. There is also included an instruction sheet to

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SPONSORED: Sig Sauer X5 Silver

“Sig Sauer air pistols, air rifles and accessories are engineered to elevate airguns to a new standard of performance.” The newest pistol in from Sig Sauer is the X5, based on the companies own live firing model. The X5 utilises

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SPONSORED: Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Deluxe Kit

The RM8 Varmint is a well rounded PCP rifle that provides exceptional accuracy thanks to its Lothar Walther barrel which has been crafted to be the premier target barrel. The RM8 is also equipped with a regulated action that ensures

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SPONSORED: EK Cobra R9 Crossbow (Deluxe)

This crossbow from EK Archery combines the best aspects of both a pistol and a traditional recurve crossbow to make the R9 Cobra one of the most versatile crossbows on the market today. The Deluxe version of the Cobra R9

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SPONSORED: Pellpax Storm X Deluxe Kit .22

Pellpax’s ultimate pest dispatch rifle kit, the Storm X, combines high power with pin point accuracy and superb build quality to make it exceptionally good at what it does. The Storm X is designed to be used against all types

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SPONSORED: Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle

The Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle is the latest instalment from the well known gun manufacturer. With a full power break barrel action this is one that not only looks great, but is also ideal for all kinds of

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