airgun hunting

Could you hack hunting?

Chris Wheeler considers the ethics of branching into airgun hunting from shooting static targets…

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How to gain hunting permission

Struggling to secure some ground to shoot over? Mat Manning offers hopeful hunters some helpful hints to overcome the age-old obstacle of securing your first permission

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Masterclass in zeroing a rifle

Zeroing a rifle is a vital step on the road to accurate shooting – but, as Mike Morton explains, so is knowing where to aim at a host of different distances…

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How to successfully prep for a day of shooting

Jonathan Young offers his check list of essentials and prepping tips, tricks and techniques to set you up for a successful day of shooting and help make your day out more productive and enjoyable. 1. Check your pellets Examine your

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Coping with the cold

Cold weather can bring some of the year’s hottest sport, so Mat Manning explains how to keep your pest control productive when the mercury falls below zero – and stay safe and comfortable in arctic conditions…

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