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Cold weather shooting

Ethan Lowry urges airgun shooters to prepare for the cold so they can banish discomfort and disappointment when the temperature plummets. As shooters we can have the very latest training equipment and the best airgun. We can spend hours on

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Preparing for the worst

Andy McLachlan offers some practical advice so outdoor target shooters can still have a good day when the weather turns bad. The elements are already making themselves known when checking the gun’s zero prior to venturing out into the wind

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Andy McLachlan’s memorable multi-shot magazine moment

While many of his fellow target shooters prefer to stay single, Andy McLachlan has a memorable moment with his multi-shot magazine. Most HFT competition shooters will be using single-shot rifles for competition purposes. There are, of course, many good reasons

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Want a ten-x? Try the Tenex

Eley Tenex Air pellets are a flathead design firmly aimed at high-level competition target shooters – and have already been delivering some world-class results. Eley gave prototype pellets to three elite shooters at the European Championships in Hungary and the

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